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An exciting report!

June 6, 2012

After about a week of fairly excruciating tooth pain (I could only sleep after taking Vicodin and several shots of vodka — which I do not endorse, but was an act of desperation!), I was beginning to wonder if my experiment was going to be a complete failure — again. But I didn’t want to lose another tooth (actually it would have been another three teeth), so I gave it a little more time, and kept researching and adding both things that I thought might help speed the reconstruction of my tooth and help to alleviate the pain while it was happening. I will get to what I did shortly, but the good news is: I have had no tooth pain, and only very minor and occasional discomfort in the past over twenty-four hours! I did not need any pain killers, natural or otherwise, to help me fall asleep last night (and nighttimes are always the worst), because I simply didn’t need it!


The Experiment — Failed But Revisited

June 2, 2012

Well, here it is, two and a half years already since my last post. Ended with a cliff-hanger too, sorry to all you readers out there who now have long since chewed their nails away.

Here’s the upshot of what happened: I was able to stave off that first cavity I discovered fairly well with pretty much nothing but xylitol gum (I have found several all-xylitol gum brands, both in health food stores and on-line, but the one I have tended to stick with has been Spry. More popular gums, like Trident, sometimes have xylitol in them, but the quantities are generally miniscule, and nearly always have aspartame in them as a primary sweetener, which research seems to indicate to be not good for you). It was pretty amazing how fast it worked. My tooth would start hurting, I would realize I hadn’t had any gum in a while, I would chew some, and the pain would go away. And it would stay away, so long as I chewed the gum fairly regularly (meaning something on the order of once every couple days or so).

But then, alas, the fateful day came when that no longer worked. It took quite a while, mind you — in my previous post I indicated that it was about a year and a half, that I was satisfactorily keeping it under control with the xylitol gum. But, without apparent warning, it kicked up a notch. The gum wasn’t cutting it so well any more. It was then that I decided that I wouldn’t go down without at least some kind of fight: I remembered in the past references to someone actually growing back or at least re-hardening their teeth with natural methods. I had no idea who it was or how they did it, but I decided to start doing some research. My findings online were very scant indeed, but I didstumble across one interesting find: a book entitled, simply, “Cure Tooth Decay,” by Ramiel Nagel. I thought, “hot diggity dog,” bought the book, and started reading it. I’ll have to admit: pretty much the whole first half of the book I thought he was off his rocker; he was basically challenging everything we have been taught as axiomatic when it comes to tooth decay, namely, that cavities are primarily caused by bacteria in the mouth that feed off of sugars and other leavings left in the teeth, which then give off acid and erode your teeth. Mr. Nagel refuted all of that, pointing primarily to the findings of another researcher, Dr. Weston A. Price, who

Dr. Weston A Price

Dr. Weston A Price

founded and chaired the research arm of the American Dental Association in the early 1900s. Through studying various people groups all over the world, Dr. Price came to the conclusion that tooth decay, as well as many other signs of physical degeneration, come largely though nutritional inadequacies, primarily those introduced by reliance on the “modern” and refined foods such as white sugar, white flour, canned foods, etc. His findings were outlined in the rather hefty 1939 tome entitled “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.”

The most interesting discovery of Weston Price? Undoubtedly (at least on the subject of tooth health), it is the fact that he went to several areas where the children had very bad teeth, and instead of drilling, filling, and pulling, he gave them highly nutritious foods. Over and over again, he found that the tooth decay was halted and even reversed, the pain would go away, and the teeth would become hard and solid again. Isn’t that amazing? How many dentists have you heard talking about these sorts of things??

So, I decided I wanted to try it on myself. To make a long-ish story short, however, I was still at that time on the short end of the learning curve, that first edition of Cure Tooth Decay was minimal in terms of quick and easy to find solutions to implement right away, and the solutions he did offer would take some doing to learn how to find and prepare the sorts of foods he recommended. Not only that, my teeth were quickly becoming unbearable — I was in severe pain all day and could only sleep with a bottle of vodka beside my bed (true story — and I’m not normally much of a drinker). So I eventually decided the tooth (by then it was two teeth) had to come out, or risk loosing my mind. So that’s what I did. I went to the dentist for the first time, and they pulled out two teeth (at different times).

All that was not without its benefits,. however, for in the subsequent months and years I had theĀ  opportunity to learn more about the findings of Weston Price, and even joined a local Weston A Price group that met regularly to help people learn and incorporated his findings into their lives. I even had a part in bringing Mr. Ramiel Nagel to one of those meetings recently.

And, guess what? A couple weeks ago, more teeth started hurting … a LOT this past week. But now I have more ammo under my belt; I want to try it again, only this time take the protocols more seriously. Hopefully the decay hasn’t progressed too much yet to be reversed.

Join me as we find out …