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An exciting report!

June 6, 2012

After about a week of fairly excruciating tooth pain (I could only sleep after taking Vicodin and several shots of vodka — which I do not endorse, but was an act of desperation!), I was beginning to wonder if my experiment was going to be a complete failure — again. But I didn’t want to lose another tooth (actually it would have been another three teeth), so I gave it a little more time, and kept researching and adding both things that I thought might help speed the reconstruction of my tooth and help to alleviate the pain while it was happening. I will get to what I did shortly, but the good news is: I have had no tooth pain, and only very minor and occasional discomfort in the past over twenty-four hours! I did not need any pain killers, natural or otherwise, to help me fall asleep last night (and nighttimes are always the worst), because I simply didn’t need it!